We love our bollywood stars so much that anything close to a hollywood stunt in a movie is made newsworthy. Some of us even believe that some of them are the re-incarnations of our mythological legends. If they can be legends, then how can we stop them from being superheroes.

1 Nick – Bacchan

The backbone of the avengers, Amitab Sir will be the perfect choice for Nick, that voice and grace.

2 Iron Khan

Two global stars, their hard work, talent and acting skills. King Khan is the Iron man of Bollywood

3 Salman Hulk 

The B-town hulk Salman Khan for you. This Sulthan is cool only when he is cool 😉

4 Amir Clint

The Perfectionist of Bollywood Amir can play any role, but for face match he will be Clint of Avengers

5 Captain Kumar

Akshay Kumar the Khiladi, Akshay will be the best for Cap because of his fittest body and handsome face value, look at the Charm


6 Black Chopra

Priyanka chopra, the Desi girl will be perfect for Black widow, look at them !

6 Hrithik Thor

The Handsome hunk Hirthik Roshan is perfect for Thor, the destroyer

7 Loki Singh

You can see

8 Scarlet Kapoor

When the magic girl meets magic girl 🙂


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