In Today’s world everyone is in love with smartphones, but everyone is not afford to buy them at certain reasons. But refurbished mobiles are as same famous as smart phones. Everyone wants to buy them but before buying them they feel insecure about used mobiles and refurbished mobiles. So let’s have a look on both terms

1 Refurbished Mobiles

‘Refurbished’ word means that ‘Furbishing again’ or ‘Checking and making again’. If any mobile or any product gets damaged in internal parts or the chips inside or any defect like heating issue or soldering problem, connection problem or hardware failure etc then the customer will return it to the company. The company workers will find the detect that problem and they will repair it (Usually minor repairs) and again they will resold it for low cost. This is called ‘refurbished mobiles’

Refurbishing products 

Some best refurbished product selling sites

Green Dust

2 Used Mobiles

Used mobiles are nothing but second handed mobiles in our language, this mobiles are used by customers and after their interest they decide to sell mobiles and they show interest to buy a new mobile, many of users don’t like to use same mobile for long period and after they decided to sell them. They may have minor or major defects. Some of the users will provide warranty with moderate price. So it is your choice to buy them or not.

My Opinion

My opinion when comes to refurbished mobiles it will be good to buy from Flipkart and If you want iPhone, then thier own site is there for refurbished mobiles separate. When comes to used mobiles, it’s your choice to buy or not, if it has at-least 6 Months warranty then you can buy or better to buy from your known ones. 🙂 Hope this article is helpful, thank you