Your smartphone is much more than a mobile phone. It can make calls and do texting, but these days we’ve heard tons of complaints from users about increasing smartphone problems. It’s no surprise that sales of smartphones are soaring. However, as sales of smartphones continue to rise, so too will the number of issues found with these devices.

1 Battery Draining 

Keeping apps running when you are not using them could drain your battery and also cause your smartphone to become so slow. Therefore, we’d recommend you to close down apps after use.

2 Bluetooth Issues 

If you are dealing with Bluetooth issues, it’s better to try switching off and on. If it doesn’t work, go straight to Settings > Apps > Scroll over to All > Select Bluetooth Share > Clear Cache.

3 Losing Internet connection 

This is a common problem among-st Android smartphone users. To fix this problem, simply go to Settings> More > Cellular networks. Turn it back on after 30 seconds or so and see if the connection is back. If it’s not, try rebooting your smartphone.

4 RAM Problems and Device hanging

 We’ve noticed quite a number of times when some crazy applications can put a high demand on the processor, so make sure to check application requirements before installing anything.

5 SW & HW problem

 This is a general problem among-st smartphone users. This can be a software or hardware problem. Try to reset your device and make sure the OS is up to date. Rebooting your device may fix the problem and your camera might start functioning again.

6 Not Detecting Charger

In case, if your smartphone is not charging or its not recognizing the native charger, then probably the device port might be dirty. You should clean the port. If the charger is itself loose in the port then you should immediately replace the charger itself.

7 Background Battery

 Battery Devices may have got hell lot of features, but we hardly use them altogether? So, it’s always better to switch off any unnecessary connectivity features when you are not using them, such as Bluetooth, NFC, 3G Data and Wi-Fi to save your battery life.

8 Fail in detecting location

In case, you are facing this problem, head to Settings > Location and then make sure Mode is set to High Accuracy. If that doesn’t solve the issue, then you should booth the phone.