A Web site is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. A company or an individual tells you how to get to their Web site by giving you the address of their home page. From the home page, you can get to all the other pages on their site.

Now I am going to tell you about How to create A Free Website with Free domain + hosting with  WordPress website developer in 5 Minutes. Let’s get started


Open the search engine(Google probably) and search Hostinger or Simply go to Hostinger,  Hostinger is a free hosting provider. The large group offers free web hosting, premium hosting, domain booking, Server, SSL


2. FreeNom 

Now Open a website called Freenom where you can register a free domain name. Freenom is the world’s first and only free domain provider. Our mission is to bring people online and help countries develop their digital economy.By breaking barriers and integrating free domains with the latest website building and hosting technologies, Freenom makes it easy for any business or individual to build websites and content, at no cost.


Sign Up in the account and search for the domain and finish the steps. You can choose only available TLDs and checkout.

  • Use DNS -> use your own DNS

Comeback to Hostinger and select the free plan and sign up or create an account there.


And then go to Home page, it will pop up the screen which shows Pending configuration.., Just click Setup and then select Domain and type your domain name.

3. Set Up

And then click set up and comeback to Gmail account and click the mail from Hostinger and go to Member area and go to Hosting and click on your domain name,

After Member Area-> Hosting-> your domain name ->Account ->details

Click on the details, there copy your Nameservers and again go back to Freenom and paste under the name-servers section.


4. IP Adress

Go back to hostinger and copy IP Adress and paste in Freenom, now click Continue.Fill up the details and complete the order.

5. Client Area

And now, go to client area -> Services-> My domain

And then click manage domain -> Management tool and check the name-servers

6. WordPress Installation

Now comeback to Hostinger, Hosting -> Your-domain name ->(Scroll down) Auto Install and scroll down select WordPress and just fill those details and click Install.

Now WordPress has successfully installed. To access it just check your Gmail and copy the details and login.

That’s All now customize your site.