Many Android smartphones have come up with heating issues. Heating is one of the primary problems in Android Smartphones and nowadays even most well-known flagship also have overheating issues because a high-end hardware generates more heat and, after all, smartphones don’t have a cooling system like the desktop PCs. .

There are many apps that show you how high your phone’s temperature is. A few we know that comes in handy are Cpu Temperature and the HW Monitor which shows the pretty accurate temperature of your phone.


Here are some easy ways to solve heating issues on Android smartphone

1. Don’t Use Phone While Charging

You must avoid using the phone while charging. Why? Your phone’s battery may heat during charging and at the same time, you use the phone with intensive tasks which eventually heats more than normally. So, you shouldn’t play games or watch movies while you charge your phone.

2. Avoid Long Duration Heavy Gaming

Gaming on Android is an essential need for many users but games are the only apps that consume your smartphone’s resources to an extent where very few apps can do. Graphics intensive 3D games tend to use more processor and GPU of your Android smartphone eventually draining the battery with a lot of heat.

3. Turn Off Power-Hungry Background Apps

After the gaming on your Android, the third most important thing that heats your smartphone is the background apps. The more apps you run in the background, the more resources it takes generating the heat over time.

Fortunately, a ‘Force Stop’ trait in the Android can be beneficial here and you completely kill the app from running in the background. The only way to start the app is to open it manually from the home screen. You can do it under Settings -> Apps and choose the app you want to stop.


4. Limit Your Multitasking Needs

Multitasking is another stuff that you should take care of because the same thing happens when you interact with a plethora of apps. The CPU can handle only a certain number of apps. Try to give less amount of loads to your phone’s CPU and can surely solve heating issues on Android. Use fewer apps unless required as this way you can minimize the heating of your phone.


5. Old battery or Non genuine battery 

Don’t buy non genuine batteries they can wreck havoc on your smartphones working, there is fluctuation of power from these and processor and Ram get insufficient or excess charge and times the battery drain much faster.