Do you want to be more successful, more happy, more peace, more free ? I’m not going to give you this, you should buy it from you only 🙂

Do you want to be more beautiful inside, more loving inside, always happy ?? You have to do it yourself 🙂

Ok, Now I’m going to stop these questions.

Everyday is god’s gift, we should use it like in a proper way, play like baby, smile like baby and enjoy like baby. But, think like no one does. Better you should love yourself, loving self is the best solution, love all and all love you, we came to this world with empty hands and we will go with empty hands, we cry when we born and all smile, in our last days we cry and they too unless you torture them 😉 any way we own everything and we adapt to every situations. Nature is school, people are lectures and wishes are notes and blessings are your result, try for best result.

We laugh for everything at childage, we like everything at youngage we cry for everything at oldage. Life is too small, not enjoying it is sin. Problems are like ladders, they can send us up or by them we can come down too. Use them in proper manner.

and finally, I love you all