Many people got confusion about choosing one between blogger and WordPress. So many sites answered this question but none of them are in a clarity. So after a research I am here to clear the confusion about these two outstanding platforms.

1. Design and Customization

When we talk about design, both platforms are well designed and stylish. They both look very professional and simple. Blogger provides some limit in customizing the blog site where as WordPress provides lot of free and premium themes which looks classy. My ratings

Blogger – 6.5/10
Wordpress – 7.5/10

2. Posts and followers

Both platform provides posts in every manner and we can manage in formats too. Blogger allows you to post with pictures everything. WordPress also allows you to post with pictures. Storage limit is 1GB for blogger and 3GB for WordPress free version. We can get unlimited followers in both but somewhat fast in WordPress.

Blogger – 9/10
WordPress – 9.2/10

3. Control and Security

WordPress can control by yourself where as blogger full rights are owned by Google. They can shut down whenever they want. So this is the major drawback of the blogger.

Blogger – 8/10
WordPress – 9/10


The Future means the development. Blogger is easy way to beginners and WordPress also. They both are very easy platforms to write and blogging. And easily understanding. But in future Google can shut your blog without noticing you if something happens against their policies.

Blogger – 8.5/10
WordPress – 9/10


So as I rated everything you can choose one from these two. I’m using both platforms and I am very happy with these two. But if I left to choose one only, then I will go with WordPress. Both are very easy to beginners as well as advance writers. My final ratings are

Blogger – 9/10
WordPress – 9.2/10