Feeling depression is the most painful thing. We can’t do anything with focus. We will lose our coolness. We don’t know how to react what for what it is because the absence of thinking. We will decide what we done and what we have to, we will decide all in anger. This is the most dangerous emotion in human. After depression we will think that we can’t do anything beyond this. Now it is the time to stop overthinking.

Reasons for depression

Failing again and again
Thinking over someone’s attitude
Thinking about the negative shades
Over thinking about anything
Feeling weak
Thinking about the difficulties

What we should do ??

I have a small story. Please read this

boy and dog

There was a young boy who is about 10 years old. He likes animals. He has a dog and he like it very much, he love it. One day his dog was missing. He felt very bad and searched for his dog. Finally he found his dog but the dog was under the rocks and filled with soil over them. That boy seen that and immediately ran away. After few minutes he came with an iron crow bar. He started digging and nobody was there around him. Practically it was impossible to save the dog. But he starts digging and has been continuing that. After 3 hours he finally touched his dog and saved it.

Practically 10 years old boy can’t dig that much, but he did it because of there were no humans around who can say hey boy you cannot. There were no negative people around him and there are no negative words around him. That’s why he did that.

So guys always delete your negative comments and negative thoughts. You will succeed definitely. Thank you so much