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SlimmyZero is a blog crated by Ashraf Jan, the main concept of the Slimmyzero blog is to give you the best reading experience about everything. We will short the description or the whole matter into short manner. For the best experience of reading and to allow the important lines only. We talk about technology, news, life, Inspiration, health, entertainment, movies, trending tips and Engineering.

We got some best experience and some bad experience too. We are trying to reach to the maximum number of people. It will be possible if you move your hands by sharing and telling about us. Our first suppose is to make ease about the reading and simply giving the straight point.

We write for you. So you are free to guide us and to suggest us. Our some top posts where the readers get attracted more.

Technology updates ; 

Save Android Mobile data usage, YouTube and Other apps

What are Refurbished Mobiles and Used Mobiles ? Safe to buy ?

The 8 Worst Things You’re Doing With Your Smartphone, Get Resist over

Hack any WhatsApp without any code 2017

Hack any Android Mobile and see their Files, WhatsApp and Gallery (Legal purpose only)

2 Easy Ways to Install Whatsapp without Number verification/Sim card

Top 8 Problems of a Smartphone and Solutions

How to Install Custom ROMs in Android, Step by step with Pictures

How to fix “Screen overlay detected” Error

8 Smartphone Photography tips for taking better pictures

How to Manage low RAM in Smart Phones ? Explained

How to Download Paid apps for free in less than 2 Minutes

Top 7 Android tips and tricks that will make you Pro

How to Increase storage in Your smartphone without Root/App

5 Best tips to Solve heating issue in android-Perfect solution

How to Change Voice Male to Female During Call

How to recover deleted files from Android without Root (100% Secure) 

Mathematics ;

M3 – Elementary Row/Column Transformations

Mathematics III Introduction & Topics

For Life ;

Some Psychological facts that we don’t know

How does Depression kills People?

Best Tips for Happiness in Daily Life

Every Problem has solution in itself, Read Now

Don’t look for Opportunity, Grab it

Feeling depression and Alone? Find your answer here

Success Stories ;, Inc Success Story and the amazing journey

Inspiratinal MS Dhoni Story – Only Indian Captain to Win All ICC Trophies

Inspirational Story Of King Khan Shah Rukh Khan

Successful and Inspiration story of Super Star Rajinikanth

The Brief history of world’s largest engaging site Facebook

Blogging Tutorials ;

How Top bloggers are made ? Successful tips and tricks

How do I make money via blogging? 14 Best Ways To Make Money With Blogging

How to Create A Free Website with Free domain + hosting with WordPress website developer in 5 Minutes

10 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners to develop their Website

WordPress vs Blogger ? Which is better

Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared

Health ;

The Top 7 Amazing benefits of Aloe vera

Don’t eat Fruit after a Meal; Reason will shock you.

Hot water Vs Cold water Which is better for Shower??

All you have to Know about Skin types and How to keep it healthy

Top 10 Health hacks for busy people

Health Insurance – Top Health Insurance companies

The Top 10 list ;

The Top 10 Mileage Cars in India

The Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Bollywood Actresses 2017

The Top 10 Countries with Strongest Armies in the World

Top 10 Most Scariest places on the Planet

Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017

The Top 10 Beautiful Actresses of Telugu 2017 

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